saturn town

I burn the candle at both ends

i wish to peek behind the veil for a little bit. this is the operator speaking - not hermit.

things have been difficult. i’m not going to write one of those blogposts apologizing to my zero readers about not writing a post for nearly two months; but i feel there’s a personal disappointment in not meeting this…

OK, so i had an unspoken goal to write a post each month. last month was a little thin, and this month is last-minute.

there’s a sense that i’m justifying myself here. i don’t need to. things just got a little crazy and they probably won’t settle down for another month or so. and admittedly, working on my site has felt same-y. but i feel the drive again to get back to creative work. digital creative work.

i, the operator, have taken up wood whittling in the absence of my woodshop (large power tools don’t mix well with a 2nd floor apartment). shaving scrap wood, tree branches with a knife? that’s a great fit though. it’s been a good stopgap. i look forward to sharing more pictures soon.

tangentially - i acquired a pair of fingerless gloves. this does wonders for my psyche.