saturn town


i am hermit. i am an artist and data engineer. i enjoy woodworking, collecting typewriters & telephones, cooking, vintage web design & computing, and watching & playing hockey.

this website is an eternal work in progress and will change over time. i have some thoughts about the presentation and subjects of this site.

i made my first website in 2009. it’s background color was #ff0000 and i don’t remember anything else about it.

i made my second website in 2010. this one was legible and held a collection of my game maker games. it was fun. i learned to program first with game maker. html was a fun itch to scratch and i am still fond of it now. crafting web pages is highly enjoyable.

i discovered PHP in 2013 and made a handful of websites, including one that allowed users to send and receive random messages under a pen name. this caught some attention. it was here that i sharpened my database skills as well, ultimately leading me to a day-job doing miscellaneous database maintenance and development. i now work as a data engineer. i am happy to answer any questions about integrating your website with a database such as MySQL/MariaDB or SQLite.

questions & answers

can i link to your site?

please (if you’re nice) :-)

do you have an 88x31/other share button? can you put mine on your page?

not yet, and it’s low priority. this post by yequari captures my thoughts on the subject. it’s just not my style.

what about another question that is not listed here…?

drop me a line with electronic mail: hermit at saturn dot town.

hermit self-portrait